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Music Tells A Story

I have been singing since I first stood in front of that infant school class with my cousins and sang "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis. At 15 I met Spencer James, lead singer of The Searchers. Spencer just increased my love of music and introduced me to a greater variety of artists and songs. He encouraged me to record for the first time, play and experiment. He then organised my first set of solo gigs. In the nicest possible way, will encourage me, and kick me in the right direction, only occasionally saying something is crap and I should probably not do whatever bizarre idea I have come up with. Not bad for strong a 35 year friendship. 

In 2001 I joined Dave Anderson and became part of The Thrillbillies. As The Thrillbillies, up until now we have performed solidly on the country, line dance and middle of the road circuit. Dave is probably one of the best harmony singers and finger picking guitarists in the country, so again, someone to learn from. Over the years both Dave and I have also been performing as solo artists. Different shows to our Thrillbillies shows, but still fun. 

2005 I met Chris Furner who owns and runs Fitdog Recording Studio. I value the time i spend in the studio with Chris so much. He's a great friend, with great ears, I learn a lot and he will also tell me when things are a bit poo, especially a random idea I had about drum loops. His studio is excellent, if you have the need check him out. I can't wait to get back in there and have another random meet in Starbucks. 

Other Stuff

My first gig started at 8pm, and though my Dad came he told his housemate he'd be back at 8.15 because it'll probably be crap. He got back at 1am. Happy proud Dad.

I love my friends all over the country and I love my family. Whatever is in my diary comes first, no matter what money I'm offered.

I've worked for 25 years with children with challenging behaviour in the care system.

I love dogs, am an animal lover and loathe cruelty.

I am a George Michael Fan. BIG George Michael Fan.

I love the gym. I love watching movies and hiding in the cinema. I love Batman

Other loves are John Farnham, Prince, Richard Marx, Elvis and loads of Country artists new and old.

I love cake. (Not Coffee). I hate Coffee

12th of April I turned 50. Presents are still welcome. I am now knocking my socks off in the gym to get rid of the cake

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